Thai Nguyen University is nestled in the picturesque city of Thai Nguyen located in the Northern Midland and Mountainous region - a strategic region for socio-economic, national security, public security, foreign affairs and environmental ecosystem development of the country with potentials and advantages for the advancement of agriculture, forestry, hydroelectric power, mining, tourism industry, and economy.

The Northern part of the country, which includes Red River Delta and Northern Midland and Mountainous Region, is a place where many ethnic minorities live in harmony for a long tradition; said ethnic minorities are accounted for 54.68% - the highest rate in the country with their own cultural identities. This region is noted for its historical, cultural, revolutionary origins and marvelous scenes with a population of approximately 30 million people.

Thai Nguyen is the melting pot of diverse cultures of the Northern Mountain's ethnic minorities, a focal point of cultural and educational activities of the vast northern mountains. With a geographic location as the center of politics and economy of the Northern mountainous region east midlands, Thai Nguyen is also the gateway of socio-economic exchange between the Northern Midlands and Mountainous and the Red River Delta.Considering that Thai Nguyen University is strategically located in Thai Nguyen Province, it appropriately befits as the center of higher education in the northern mountainous region.